Yuri Sviridov


The creation of Lifetime Lamp is aimed at reflecting time in an object. Time can be understood as movement and the lamp is dynamic and pretends to live a long life. It was produced by craftsmen in Spain and Italy using three main materials: porcelain, stone and wood. All of them are very linked to nature. The lampshade can remind a sunset, it’s smooth and seems to be floating over the surface to reinforce the sense of liveliness. The lamp creates a vivid and relaxing atmosphere and can fit any space, outdoors or indoors, at home, at a garden, at the office or at any public space.


Born in Russia, based in Madrid, he received a Master in European Design Labs at IED. His works comprises from graphics to product design. Yuri loves to experiment new ways of producing objects, bringing technology and craft together, checking people behaviours and reactions to new uses and function